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MotorCycle Computer Board with
Nokia 6280 Lcd

In this project you will see how to use Nokia 6280 Lcd, connected with microcontroller PIC18F4550.
MotorCycle Computer Board is implemented on Yamaha TDM850, year 99'.

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Technical characteristics :

  • show gear position ( 1 gear to 5 gear ), plus neutral position
  • battery voltage analog and digital
  • run time
  • speedometer digital and analog
  • trip counter ( 0 - 999Km )
  • throttle position analog and digital ( in percentage )
  • rpm value analog and digital
  • when motor doesn't run you can see sign "Engine Stop"
  • air temperature
  • water temperature
  • oil temperature
  • at specific rpm value you can see sign "GearUp", and give warning to change gear to high one ( you can change that rpm value for showing that sign in "Debug Mode" )
  • when you drive in 5 gear with more than 3500 rpm, and less then specific TRP value ( for example 17% ), you can see sign "Economic Drive" ( you can change that TRP value for showing that sign in "Debug Mode" )
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Debug Mode:
This mode show us state of speed sensor, TPS sensor, DS18B20 unique code, and in this mode you can adjust parameters to show "GearUp", "Economic Drive" signs, and for setup of lcd backlight.
This device doesn't have any key for changing parameters, and therefore I use signals from gear sensors and TPS sensor to change parameters.

Entry to"Debug Mode" and change parameters :

- press down gearshift pedal and turn on main switch (you will se "Debug Mode" on Lcd).
- every next press on gearshift pedal to down, you will select another parameter ( selected parameter will change colour to red )
- selected parameter you can change value with TPS sensor (more you give gas, parameter value is bigger)
-memorizing parameters value - pull up gearshift pedal ( parameter will change colour to blue).

Parameters are memorized in eeprom, and will not loss after you turn of the device. You can always change parameters if you need.

Exit from "Debug Mode" - just turn off main switch, and again turn it on.

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All electronics is placed behind left cover and connected with flat cable to Nokia 6280 LCD.
Second side of electronic box is connected with Ignitor Unit, DS18B20 temperature sensors, and with gear sensors.

From Ignitor Unit we get power supply ( +12V ), RPM signal, and Throttle signal.

Temperature sensors DS18B20 are connected over 1Wire connection in "parasite power" and they don't need external power supplay.

Gear sensor is placed behind left crankcase cover on machine. Gear sensor is made with two optical sensors. ( Gear sensor is not Yamaha original part ).
On bottom pictures you can see three state of gear sensor position. First picture show state when you do nothing (doesn't matter if motorcycle is in gear position or neutral). On second picture you see gear position sensor when you shift to low gear, and on last picture you see gear position sensor when you shift to high gear.

This type of motorcycle doesn't have digital speed sensor, so I must build one by my self.

For speed sensor I used Hall-sensor TLE4945.
Sensor is mounted inside of crankcase cover on machine.

For activate Hall-sensor you need magnet, in my case I used three magnets. Reason is better resolution, and now I can measure speed from 0 - 350 Kmh, with resolution of 1kmh, every second refresh.

By mounting magnets you must direct attention to magnets pole, so they must be aligned in "serial" ( S-N-S-N-S-N ).

How this work?

On schematic you can see simple connection between PIC18F4550 and Nokia 6280 Lcd ( 320x240 pixel ) over paralel port.
We have one 1wire input/output line for three Ds18B20 sensors, 3 inputs for gear/neutral position, 1 input for speed sensor, 2 analog inputs for battery and throttle status, and 1 output for Lcd backlight.Usb connector is used for programming and testing.

DS18B20 sensors are connected together over 1Wire protocoll, and in that case you need their unique 64-bit code. In my case DS18B20 sensors code are:
"AIR" = 9300000078625728
"Water" = D5000002061B2128
"Oil" = 4600000206125A28

If you use DS18B20 sensors with another 64-bit unique code, they will NOT work. You must change DS18B20 unique code in source code, and compile program again, or you can change unique code in hex file (left picture) and program microcontroller. (you must swap bytes - compare my codes with hex file)

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Short video clip with MotorCycle Computer you can see

video youtube here.

Source code and Hex file for this device you can download here, for programming microcontroller I suggest WinPic800. You can use only PIC18F4550 with this hex file.

I don't know what type of controller is inside Nokia 6280 Lcd, but very helpfull was this file for me MC2PA8201.pdf. This is similar lcd controller like in nokia 6280.

Pinout for Nokia 6280 lcd and Nokia 6610 lcd you can find here.

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